Meet the Reifam: Jen Hays

December 1st, 2021

Meet the Reifam: Jen Hays

Welcome to our new series "Meet the Reifam" (Reify Family) where you'll get to know the employees who make up our talented team passionately working to bring solutions to clinical trial enrollment. 



Name: Jen Hays                                          

Employee Job Description: Responsible for the successful planning, execution, and management of implementing StudyTeam on client trials

Hometown? Williamsport, PA

Currently live? Arvada, Colorado

How long have you been at Reify? 6 months

Why did you join the Reifam? The saying on our website – “Better. Sooner. Together”.  – I love this and was very excited to join the team to help make a difference in speeding up the time that our sponsors can get clinical trials enrolled

Where did you work prior to joining? Medical Device Sales Rep and Customer Success Manager for 2 different healthcare companies

What is your favorite part of being in the Reifam? How everyone in the company is willing to help on-board and welcome all new employees.  Ramping new employees is so important to get to productivity sooner and we keep continuing to improve our on-boarding process   

What is your favorite moment or project during your time at Reify? Anytime I get to work together with my colleagues in person.   Being remote and in a pandemic, there haven’t been many opportunities but the few times that I have been able to meet in person with my colleagues have been wonderful

What is your advice for others looking for opportunities in Customer Success? Always look for ways to help others at work and in life.  Customer success is all about people and the more we can help people and our customers be successful, the more successful we will be

What’s your favorite Reify perk or benefit? The birthday gift card was very sweet and unexpected.  The ability to take on more challenges and responsibilities is great

If you could describe the Reifam in one word what would it be? Motivating

Which of Reify’s core values resonates most with you? Why? Show up every day and put soul into what you do.  Why do a job that you aren’t passionate about and don’t enjoy doing?

What was your fun fact when you joined Reify? That I love concerts and was excited to take my kids to their first concert at Red Rocks this fall (Kidz Bop).  My husband and I met at a concert and love live music so we were very excited to share this with our 2 kids. Unfortunately, the concert was canceled for this year but we actually got to see Walk the Moon and Saint Motel at the base of Copper Mountain a couple of weekends ago.  It was a small personal venue and great concert for their first taste of live music

Favorite food? Anything spicy! Attending college in New Orleans has changed my taste buds forever! 

Favorite place on earth? Anywhere with family and friends – a beautiful sunrise and or sunset doesn’t hurt though!  But, I would have to say I’m a beach girl

Favorite animal? Jager, our former Weimaraner that passed away too young a couple of years ago

Favorite genre of music? So many too choose from – I will listen to almost anything especially at an outdoor music venue

Favorite age so far and why? All of them! I love celebrating birthdays (mine as well as others) and think each year to date has been better than the previous

What color best describes you?  I don’t know if it describes me but green is my favorite color.  Green things grow and I like to look for ways to be better at things so maybe it does :) 

If you could give a piece of advice to your younger self what would it be? ​​Travel as much as possible

What’s a unique fact about you that few people know?  My hometown is where the Little League World Series is every year so I have spent a lot of time watching and playing baseball over the years

What are your hobbies?  ​​Spending time with my family. Travel. Reading. Anything outdoors and in all seasons

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