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Tips for Optimizing Screening and Enrollment in Clinical Trials

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Meet the Reifam: Matt DeNuzzo

Welcome to our new series "Meet the Reifam" (Reify Family) where you'll get to know the employees who make up our talented team passionately working to bring solutions to clinical ...
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What Does AstraZeneca’s Expansion of StudyTeam Mean for Sites?

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Reify Health’s Referral Partner Interface to Boost Effectiveness of Patient Recruitment

The proprietary technology delivers patient referrals directly to its StudyTeam™ platform, empowering sites, sponsors, and recruitment vendors to collaborate simultaneously
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Reify Health Powers Patient Recruitment and Enrollment Across AstraZeneca’s Extensive Breast Cancer Clinical Trial Pipeline

AstraZeneca will use Reify Health’s StudyTeam™ platform to accelerate clinical development, alleviate burden on research sites, and improve patient matching for global clinical ...
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Reify Health and SubjectWell Launch Partnership to Boost Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials

The two fast-growing organizations will combine innovative software platform and proven recruitment tactics to optimize the efficiency of patient recruitment campaigns BOSTON, March ...
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