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Part One: Inefficiencies and Opportunities in Patient Recruitment and Enrollment

Clinical research is a cornerstone of our global healthcare ecosystem. More than ever, the public relies on advances in research to fuel therapies for diseases, both new and old. ...
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Reify Health’s StudyTeam Is Selected by Amgen Across Global Research Portfolio

Top sponsor deploys enrollment performance management platform to collaborate better with sites and enroll more effectively
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SubjectWell and Reify Health Surveyed Clinical Trial Sites, Examined Patient Concerns and Site Safety Protocols in the Face of COVID-19

Survey found that 51% of patients have concerns about in-office visits and nearly all sites have enacted additional protocols to ensure their continued health and safety
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Reify Health Raises $30 Million to Integrate Clinical Trials Into the Global Healthcare System

Company’s StudyTeam platform harmonizes biopharma and research site workflows, introducing a new paradigm for clinical research that brings therapies to patients sooner
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